City Grill Suspect: “I Am Not The Shooter”

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Dear Community:

My name is Ricardo McCray and I am the only defendant in the City Grill shooting.

My trial is scheduled for March 14, 2011 and I am about to be slaughtered in public for a crime that involves multiple people.  I am innocent of these charges, yet from the beginning of my arrest I’ve been treated as the guilty party.  Please let the public know that several people were suspects in this case and because they are now witnesses instead of suspects, because they had something to say, I am left holding the bag.  I had nothing to say because I saw nothing and that made me guilty.

I constantly read my Bible and I can truly empathize with the story of Jesus being accused by the people for something he didn’t’ do.  Then he had to carry a cross which represents a burden, not his burden, but the burden of the people I too am carrying a burden, not of my own making but of all the people-the people being the courts, the police and the District Attorney.  Four people were killed in downtown Buffalo and just like an ox to the slaughter house, I turned myself in for questioning and was arrested.

Now since being arrested I have had no contact visits I’m handcuffed and shackled everywhere I go.  I have not been able to help in my own defense.

Now since being arrested I have had no contact visits I’m handcuffed and shackled everywhere I go.  I have not been able to help in my own defense. My lawyer doesn’t trust me and seems to think I am guilty, even though he knows tapes exist of more than one shooter.  The community itself seems to think I am guilty already.  Other than the help of Mr. Darnell Jackson (so the police wouldn’t kill me) our Black leaders seem to have forgotten me.

Is it that hard to see that I’m being trapped? The sacrificial lamb? The people (courts) are ready for trial in six months.  It took two years for Hassan’s trial to get underway and he admitted to the crime from the beginning! I on the other hand am charged with four deaths and my trial is to being on March 14, 2011! My lawyer won’t even give me copies and long term access to the evidence against me.  When I asked can I have copies of the witness statement he told me no because he didn’t want anything to happen to the witnesses.  This is the character of the lawyer who is defending me, apparently by himself at that.

When I can’t have access to copies of witnesses statements against me how do I defend myself? How is it going to be a fair trial? By law anyone can have access to the courts. I’m speaking to the public. It seems everyone has access to this trial but me, the defendant. My heart goes out to the victims and their families but I am not the shooter.  I’m alone in here I see only my family through a three inch window.  I stare at my son, my baby boy and wonder will I ever hold him again, touch him again?

Days from now what happened in 15 seconds six months ago will determine the rest of my life. I only ask my black community leaders to help make sure I have a fair trial.  I’m asking  (the community) to stand by me the innocent, until proven guilty.

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