City Grill Suspect: “I Am Not The Shooter”

Rochester School District Pre-K

Dear Community:

My name is Ricardo McCray and I am the only defendant in the City Grill shooting.

My trial is scheduled for March 14, 2011 and I am about to be slaughtered in public for a crime that involves multiple people.  I am innocent of these charges, yet from the beginning of my arrest I’ve been treated as the guilty party.  Please let the public know that several people were suspects in this case and because they are now witnesses instead of suspects, because they had something to say, I am left holding the bag.  I had nothing to say because I saw nothing and that made me guilty.

I constantly read my Bible and I can truly empathize with the story of Jesus being accused by the people for something he didn’t’ do.  Then he had to carry a cross which represents a burden, not his burden, but the burden of the people I too am carrying a burden, not of my own making but of all the people-the people being the courts, the police and the District Attorney.  Four people were killed in downtown Buffalo and just like an ox to the slaughter house, I turned myself in for questioning and was arrested.

Now since being arrested I have had no contact visits I’m handcuffed and shackled everywhere I go.  I have not been able to help in my own defense.

Now since being arrested I have had no contact visits I’m handcuffed and shackled everywhere I go.  I have not been able to help in my own defense. My lawyer doesn’t trust me and seems to think I am guilty, even though he knows tapes exist of more than one shooter.  The community itself seems to think I am guilty already.  Other than the help of Mr. Darnell Jackson (so the police wouldn’t kill me) our Black leaders seem to have forgotten me.

Is it that hard to see that I’m being trapped? The sacrificial lamb? The people (courts) are ready for trial in six months.  It took two years for Hassan’s trial to get underway and he admitted to the crime from the beginning! I on the other hand am charged with four deaths and my trial is to being on March 14, 2011! My lawyer won’t even give me copies and long term access to the evidence against me.  When I asked can I have copies of the witness statement he told me no because he didn’t want anything to happen to the witnesses.  This is the character of the lawyer who is defending me, apparently by himself at that.

When I can’t have access to copies of witnesses statements against me how do I defend myself? How is it going to be a fair trial? By law anyone can have access to the courts. I’m speaking to the public. It seems everyone has access to this trial but me, the defendant. My heart goes out to the victims and their families but I am not the shooter.  I’m alone in here I see only my family through a three inch window.  I stare at my son, my baby boy and wonder will I ever hold him again, touch him again?

Days from now what happened in 15 seconds six months ago will determine the rest of my life. I only ask my black community leaders to help make sure I have a fair trial.  I’m asking  (the community) to stand by me the innocent, until proven guilty.

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  • Wow. A poll on his guilt or innocence? It’s not like he had any chance of getting an impartial jury anyway. No disrespect to the victims or their loved ones but I find it likely that the BPD was just so happy to have a suspect that any more investigative work may have gone out the window. “A sacrificial lamb”, as he put it. Someone has to pay; right?

  • I work as a paralegal and I believe that Mr. McCray could be the suspect however, I do believe that it is possible that there were multiple shooters. Why are the police finished with their investigation?

  • NO white people allowed!!!, now to my point, if the poor black community wasn’t filled with cowards maybe there would be more witness’ oh wait bt that would hurt your street cred, well I guess the black community can expect the same, being dumb, lazy, poor and rude but hey don’t worry lil wayne is rich n you will all be rappers. Even with free school and the ability to get jobs because the color of our skin we still don’t get it so have fun and remember “lil wayne aka bring the money home” not u so go have more kids losers cause obama is gonna save us all…errrrrr

    • i live next door to a white lady with 5 kids that where just tooken from her yesterday for smokeing crack that goes to show they dumbness comes in all colors mr truth

    • this is the most ignorant stuff I have read in a long time. you should have really kept these thoughts in your head. really!!!!!!

  • Shame on the City of Buffalo is this man is Innocent and goes to jail. Guilty people don’t put this out there unless they are crazy, like Mo Hassan. This is a well thought out letter that is sensible therefore I doubt this guy is crazy. If you are innocent Mr. McCray, God will not let this happen, just trust in that and stay on bended knee…however if you are guilty shame on you, those families deserve better.

  • How can there be an author if he supposedly wrote the letter. Him writing the letter is pretty far fetched. Do you really think he can write? He never contributed to the community unless you call collecting social services a contribution so why would he expect their support. Complaining about council? then get a new lawyer that’s why hassans trial took so long, and why is he jealous of hassans treatment. He may be taking a different path but they will both end up in the same place. His kid? What a joke I’m sure he had a good job so his child would have a bright future. School is free and he could have gotten a job he didn’t deserve because he’s black but that wasn’t enough he had to be a loser and get someone pregnant, nice murder matt only 1 that’s an under achievement were your from. But please get him out and support him I don’t know how the community will survive without his immense contribution.
    Get Busy Living…Or Get Busy Dying

    • wow the comments people leave you can tell who dont love there self let alone someone else its sad your parents would even birth some of you people only god can judge and ur not him so do ur self a favor and find him or get a life

  • First he says he knows of a video with 2 shooters, now he says he has no access to the case hmmm, n he’s allowed 2 write a letter on a computer because he obviously used spell check, if people are dumb enough to believe that letter was thought out by him and not a white lawyer then maybe he has a chance of finding a jury 2 let him off.n dnt worry teresa t where he’s goin hell spend a lot of time on bended knee if you know what I mean, maybe if we used these rap influenced wannabees as examples to our kids instead of making excuses of injustice and corupt police they would concider getting off the street, tell that to your probly 3-7 future foodstamp receiving kids

  • i live next door to a white lady with 5 kids that was just tooken away from her yesterday for smokeing crack that goes to show dunbness comes in all colors mr truth

  • I’m glad every one here has a calm attitude towards someone who is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty…so many jurors in the crowd here wow. It shouldnt matter what color he is or how productive he was or wasn’t in the community…If he’s innocent then let it be if he’s not the courts and a jury will decide his fate.

  • This breaks my heart! I lost a friend in this City grill shooting and nothing can bring her back. If they kill this boy my friend is still gone. I believe there were more killers than one. I dont even believe this boy is the shooter. It breaks my heart that everyone down plays black people because we live in poor neighborhoods and walk or talk differently than whites. Contrary to what you believe some of us are educated. You really need to stop being so judgemental. I pray this young man finds peace because God knows he is going to need it.

  • My heart goes out to those who lost their life as well as to Ricardo McCary. Because I did know some of those who lost their life and I wasn’t there to say McCray did it or not. For those of you who are posting ignorant racially motivated comments that have nothing to do with this, my heart goes out to you as well because it’s you who needs to be educated. EDU-101 The Buffalo area is one of the top racist places in the country and your racist comments just PROVE that we have lots of ingnorant people here. All the schooling you’ve had hasn’t done you any good. You should have been taught tolerance, to love all people, and most importantly that a group of people should never be viewed by the actions of one or a few people. If you want to take it there maybe some people feel you should pay for the actions of your slave owner ancestors. But that wouldn’t be fair now would it. Be careful of what you think and say because KARMA previals in the end. The hate that you express towards others with the nasty thoughts and comments you post you will pay for. If you don’t pay for the things you do and say in this life you will in the next.


    Now what I just said was nasty, uncalled for, out of line and I’m sure hurtful to a lot of people out there and I am sorry but, that just proves my point. Words do hurt.


  • I think what we all need to do is realize that nothing has been introduced as fact yet. This defendants letter, is his opinion, his statement. It does not prove he did it or not. Does anyone really think that he would publish or release a letter stating that he committed the murders and is guilty? So please, take it with a grain of salt.

    What people need to do is reserve judgement until the trial gets underway. Weigh the facts. Weigh the testimony. Then try and make an educated decision without calling the racist language into play that has been used in responses to this article. If you “know” there were multiple shooters, step up and give information. But if you do not, lets refrain to jumping to conclusions.

  • I’m african american, I’m just looking at the facts, stop being ignorant. Mica I’m shur that lady was buying crack from a white crack dealer there are just so many, we need to wake up n I think we are the cowards for shutting our mouths when the police need information, that’s why our crimes don’t get solved, and then we complain about police not solving crimes. Monica your probly one of the good ones like me. Use common sense ths guy is a gangmember, his street name is murder matt and he’s been arrested 11 times this is 12 oh but his skin is the same as mine so I shud defend him that’s why we look stupid, you didn’t see muslims supportin hassan did you?I’m also a smart enough african american to know tyler perry is a hack but we all rush to support him because of the color of his skin but that’s not racist?

  • Monica is right, Buffalo is very racist just ask our black mayor and our black school superintendent, and america is totally racist just ask our black president and I feel bad for oprah that she couldn’t make money on tv because we’re so racist.

  • If I was in his situation I would have wrote a letter of plea in the Challenger as well trying to impact the public. Of course I would not say I am guilty, and his lawyer probably helped him to write the letter…come on now we should all be aware of the tactics taken to try to prove innocence.

    1. To start, why did he leave town and lie about it…. if he is innocent.

    2. As far as more than one shooter, all the bullets came from the same gun.

    3. If not allowed to contact anyone or family members how did he get the glasses and the suite for court?

    How did he get to talk to the guys that’s turning evidence agaist him that’s already in prison?

    4. The guy that was with him at the scene is even turning evidence against him….

    Now HE WANTS to quote the BIBLE!!!!!!



  • WHAT!!!


    You get to see your family through a 3 inch mirror…that’s a blessing…..the people who was killed can’t see their family at all. Their family would love to be able to see them ALIVE through a 3 inch mirror!!!!

    He says other suspects talking and leaving him holding the bag which means reading between the lines, they all was holding a bag or had something to do with it but they dropped their bag and he is the only one STILL holding the bag.

    What happend 15 seconds six months ago ended the rest of 4 people lives, left 4 people alive but wounded, not to mention some people who got trampled over and left with scars, broken legs, etc.

    And a bundle of people who is emotionally scared for life……..

    Let justice be searved!!!!!!!

  • I know Matt personally and know full well what type of person he is, he definitely is from the street and does have a past but that does not mean we should just throw him under the bus to quicken the process and get things over with, examine all of the facts and then go from there, who is to say one of the people turning evidence against him is not trying to save themselves which i believe because i know him also, I do agree it does not look good simply because of what went on after the shooting went down it basically looked like he was running which did not help his case at all. At the end of the day people are not here anymore because of foolishness and now that the crime is done the person regrets it. Race should have nothing to do with it at all because this same type of crime has been comitted by all tpes and races but i am saddened to say that i know it does i wish it just does not play a role in the outcome

  • Only God and Mr. McCray know whether he is innocent or guilty. Now that an all-white, all-male jury has been selected, the odds have doubled against his innocence. I lived in Texas for 25 years, and I never observed or experienced the racism I have encountered here in Western NY. I am a 61 year-old African-American woman. While it is true that the African-American community has not effectively taken full advantage of opportunities available to us, I don’t believe that killing each other is punishing anyone other than ourselves; and you can’t blame that on racism.


  • I think it’s very likely that McCray is guilty, even if there was another shooter. However, the job of a defense lawyer is to do the best for their client. Sadly, court appointed lawyers do not have the best track record in this area. It is possible that McCray’s lawyer does think he is guilty, and his heart just isn’t in the case. That McCray will be facing an all white jury is very worrisome.

  • My heart goes out to the families that lost their love ones and also Ricky. I knew some of the victims and I also know the suspect. I have been in contact with him since his arrest and really believe he’s innocent. To Ny09wsc if you don’t know someone you cannot speak on their life, Riccardo had a job and took good care of his son. Everyone makes mistakes in life and at the end God is the only judge. People that was not there should’nt be so judgemental because honestly I think no one knows who the real shooter is. Who would have honestly been standing around trying to see who was shooting?

  • And Boo if you know for a fact that it was him I hope your a witness for the prosecution that has your facts straight and don’t have a violent history because thats all they seem to have as witnesses to me trying to save their own butt.

  • I have no jail record so that street life I am very unfamiliar with. Murder Matt…. That really sound like a nice guy!!!!
    Murder….That really sound like a nice working guy!!!

    I am not here to judge….just merely stating what facts are pointing to.

    Everyone who say the killer states a solid purple shirt. Murder Matt was the suspect with solid purple shirt.

    Guys who he states he did not know…..They all have pictures posing together toasting and drinking….on several occassions the same three boys including Murder Matt….
    But againg I guess he went to the party with total strangers and posed with strangers all night long?

    Why did he lie and say he did not leave town?
    We all know he did.

    And you got it twisted because “everybody in the hood KNOWS HE DID DO IT!!!!!!”

    Yours truly,

  • My heart goes out to Murder’s mom and family and I will keep them in my prayers like the victims famalies. They all are going thru very hard times now.

    All I say is let justice be served…and let it be a fair trail….even though I already know the outcome…..the truth will prevail…..

    I just don’t know how can you do such a thing with no remorse.

    He looks stone faced with no expressions….

    Even if innocent…some things will cause some type of reaction or expression or someting….he is totally stoned face…..heartless…..empty…….That is the worse type of person….no concious….
    no true fear of God…..

    your boo…….

    Don’t hate me I am just merely stating what is clear in my eyes……..

  • To Black Man…..Yeah!!! everybody do know who the real shooter is Murder Matt! or maybe him and a accomplice…but we know he is definitely the shooter.

  • Sorry, I just get emotional but I mean no disrespect to either parties of the case…Just merely stating what’s clear plain and simple mapped out to me……..

    Just follow the case step by step which is what I have been doing….closly and looking at the news and papers and the conclusion is GUILTY!!!!

  • I grew up around matt and he was not like that as a child. once he grew up he thought he was a thug and start going in and out of jail…he always spoke to me but when i seen his face on the news i was just like WOW!! how could he do something like that?? the hood he from know he did it because his name was floating around a couple hours after it happened soooooo the hood know the truth so all he can do is just be honest 100% and get whats coming to him

  • I understand where you coming from and no disrespect to the families of the victim but out of all the people in the club i am quite sure he was not the only person with a purple shirt and yeah I have been following the case real close and I just dont believe they can say he was the shooter it was dark and he is black as ever and why didnt noone say it in the beginning it was to much chaos going on to really see the shooter they were fighting before the gun shots started and one man and all of that in 17 seconds running up on people saying stuff thats bull crap.

  • Honestly the police just need to close this case and would put it on anyone if keith friends would’nt have came to his rescue he would have been in that same chair Matt is in today.To all the witnesses they have, if they are not telling the truth they’re gonna have to answer to God themselves playing with people life.Karma is a B**** and when you dig one ditch you better dig two.

  • Follow the case….walk down this lane….on video….there is only one guy with all purple on and you can see him on video with gun,…..what more do you need of evidence!!!! Keith was innocent that’s why his friends called…there are pictures with keith and victims all together…..Murder is not their friend but tried to lie and say he was with them…..there is witness that actually saw him….and now we have a passenger that was in the car with Murder that points him out as the shooter…..4 people states him as the shooter.

    that can be done in 17 seconds….that’s a long time when being chased by a gun…

    There was light by the station and in front of the city grill….

    They say he started throwing up and there was throw up by the bodies of the victims….

    This is the first time he showed any emotions during the whole trial…he started blinking his eyes and constantly rubbing his nose as if he and nervous tension.

  • Well deHenry Lamore…. Where’s ur spellcheck? LOL. The racist comments aren’t necessary. Its white boys and females on the news daily for shooting up schools, at politicians, torching babies, tryna flush babies, child porn, phedopiles and all that. So please hold that down. I know Matt as well. I personally never heard him referenced to as Murder. I’ve never known him to be psycho either. I can’t say whether he did it or not. I wasn’t there. That man can be the next Anthony Cappozzi (however u spell it) His race has nothing to do with the crime though. Yours Truly, T.F.O

  • Now the witness yesterday said that he shot in the crowd the other ones said he was running up to people which one was it. He also said he was vomitting in the back of the car not at the seen I am quite sure there was vomit at the seen people watching their love ones die. Listen to their stories and the DNA have’nt even been presented yet so lets wait on that evidence and see what it says. Everyone has their own opinion I just know the police will arrest anyone to close their case they will offer deals pay people to say what they want them to say because they are crooked. Thats why its so many of them going down.

  • dna don’t lie so we just will see what happens. There is too many people identifing the same person.. What about the boy who got shot who testified that it was murder? he was not in jail but was subpeona to appear in court!!! he saw who shot him.

    So Why would his friends lie on him?

  • in response to whether mr mccray is guilty or not either all thos witnesses are lying or mr mccray is lying you have an eye witness who saw him pull the trigger .now did he run to get away or because he was scared .Why would he come back to the scene of the crime .if i were on the jury i would have to hear what he said in order to form an opinon being that the shots only lasted a couple of seconds and everyone wwas either ducking for cover or lying down hiding from the gunman who ever it may be


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