Dion J. Watkins: Aims to Make History in Lackawanna!

Dion J. Watkins: Aims to Make History in Lackawanna!

Rochester School District Pre-K

Dion J. Watkins, Pastor of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, recently announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Lackawanna.

Mr. Watkins, a tenured educator in the Lackawanna School system, possesses two Mas- ters Degree, one in Education and the other in Divinity and he is the first Afro-American to run for Mayor in 81 years.

Mr. Watkins issued this statement:

“I enter this race not for fame or glory, only to provide an alternative to the status quo. I teach my students that with preparation, follow through, and vision you can achieve anything. The same applies to the City of Lackawanna. For too long, this City has operated with “in the box” thinking mired by “in the box” practices, which have yielded lackluster results year after year. We together can do better. I have a vision of a better and greater Lackawanna that our children will be proud to live in and raise a family. We need to create private sector jobs, rebuild our decaying infrastructure and address the quality of life issues that plague each and every Ward in the City.”

Former First Ward Councilman, Adolph Overton, the city’s first Afro-American elected official, with tears in his eyes, issued this statement: “I have dreamed about this day for more than sixty years, to see an educated, qualified, and capable Afro-American candidate run for Mayor from the First Dion J. Watkins Ward. Dion J. Watkins’ solid credentials are of no question.

Mr. Watkins views Economic Development as priority one! “Lackawanna may never be what it was, but it can be better than it is. The next mayor of this City needs to have an administration that knows how to get things done without guessing or posturing. One of the City’s biggest problems is its inability to systemically deal with its economic and resource development, decaying infrastructure and the quality of life issues facing each Ward. More specifically, many cities, towns and villages throughout the county, state and country have used Community Reinvestment Act fund- ing over the last two years to repair roads, sidewalks and to address other infrastructure related issues. Not Lackawanna.

More importantly the City needs to re-evaluate its Community Development Block Grant Funding. In a prosperous year the City of Lack- awanna could net $90,000.00. Yet, in comparison to Buffalo, an entitlement community receives in excess of $36,000,000.00 a year. As long as Lackawanna stays in the box with business as usual, you get no results.” It is time to make a change in the right direction; it is time for progress with Dion J. Watkins as Mayor. You can donate to our “Give A Little Campaign” on our Facebook page, “Watkins for Mayor”, or you can donate your time by volunteering.

We are also looking for interns for the month of August and beginning of September to work in our Campaign Headquarters located at 609 Ridge Rd. Lackawanna. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at watkinsformayor@gmail.com.




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