Grant Announces Candidacy for Senate

Grant Announces Candidacy for Senate

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Erie County 2nd District Legislator and Chairwoman, Betty Jean Grant has announced that she will run for the 63rd Senate District seat in the September 13, 2012 New York State Primary Election. Legislator Grant, who is serving in her third term as a county legislator, is a former city of Buffalo Councilmember and Buffalo Public Schools board member.
Grant, one of the most respected politicians in the community, said she was shocked to see “Betty Grant for Mayor” signs cropping up in various parts of the commuity. She said she has no idea who’s behind the fake signs and rumors, but said she will not be held back from vigorously gathering signatures during the petition drive to get on the ballot, which begins next week.
Some political thinkers speculate that the signs and rumors claiming that she is running for mayor are designed to confuse voters when the petition drive begins. It has also been speculated that it may provide an excuse for Mayor Brown not to support her if she is perceived as allegedly preparing to run against him.
Grant, a veteran politican and community organizer, said that she decided to run for the seat only after former New York State Senator Antoine M. Thompson informed the community last week that he was not going to make a run for the seat this year.
“After two years of this community receiving only lip service from the current New York State Senator, Mark Grisanti, who represents this area now, I was initially elated that Antoine Thompson was going to run in the newly configured senatorial district,” said Grant. “But When he decided at the ‘eleventh hour’ to pull out of the race, I knew that someone needed to run to ensure that the previous levels of resources and representation delivered to this area by former state senators Anthony Masiello, Byron Brown and Thompson would be restored; not only to the City of Buffalo but to Lackawanna, Cheektowaga and other areas of the district. Most areas of the City of Buffalo, on the East and South sides, are included in the new district.”
The process of gathering signatures will begin the first week in June. Legislator Grant is asking all those who can help with getting signatures, making phone calls, putting up signs or even a financial contribution, to call the campaign at (716) 602-5877.
“I know this race can be won,” she concluded. “But I can not do it alone. I need a massive, united effort behind me if this community is going to be represented well and fairly in the state senate, in the coming years”.
Essentially it is a win-win situation for both the community and Mrs. Grant, who currently serves the xx Legislative district and chairs the County Legislature. If she gets on the ballot and is victorious in the senate race in September and November, we win. If she fails to win the senate race, she will not lose her position as a County Legislator or as that powerful body’s chairwoman.




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