Harold Travis  Releases New Inspirational/Gospel Single

Harold Travis Releases New Inspirational/Gospel Single

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Buffalo’s Harold Travis has released his first single, “So Perfect” and its generating major airplay at radio stations across the country, and is being warmly embraced by its listeners. During a recent Atlanta radio interview he talked about “So Perfect” – a breakthrough inspirational/gospel he was inspired to write after a terrible accident a few years ago. He said that “God spared my life” and from that day forth he “decided that my music would be nothing but God.” He said that he hopes his music “would get across to those not only in the church but outside the church…especially youg people.”

The single is awesome, and destined to go far.

Who is Harold Travis

Harold Travis was born to sing. A native of Boligee, Alabama, he was raised by his mother Isabel Travis in Buffalo, New York. His mother discovered his talent when he was only seven years old. After discovering his angelic voice, she entered him in the local church choir at Lincoln Memorial. HT, as friends and family call him, honed his skills while working in the family’s grocery store, singing every chance he could for anyone who would listen. While in Buffalo, HT formed a group called Variations of Love and recorded the #1 song “I’ll Always Love You,” and gained national and international attention. Soon after he toured with legendary singer Rick James, and had the liberty of recording many songs with the late artist including the hit “Lucy’s Rap”. He then toured and recorded with several other acts, including Whitney Houston, brothers Ronnie and Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band, Ralph Tresvant, and Bobby Brown, where he was a part of the B Brown Posse.

Although he sang and performed for thousands of adoring fans across the world, Harold felt as though there was something missing in his musical life. Singing for weddings and home going services of family and friends led him to the realization that “Singing for the Lord, I felt something deep inside that I hadn’t felt in a long time.” Harold finally realized that gospel music is the only thing that would fill the void. Harold exudes charismatic, soulful melodies displaying confidence that can only be inherited from years of experience. At times it seems as though his music takes the listener on a blissful journey from classic to traditional gospel, never shying away from a new age blend of harmonies. With such passion and driven conviction for the Lord, Harold Travis is sure to leave an impact on a troubled soul.




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