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In this year’s election for Mayor of the City of Buffalo, voters have a choice between a continuation of eight years of “politricks” as usual, and strong, progressive unifying leadership.

The better choice is clearly Bernard “Bernie” Tolbert.

That is why we proudly endorse and support his candidacy and urge our readers to join us in voting Tolbert for Mayor on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, September 10.

Mr. Tolbert’s background is impressive. And his genuine desire to lead this city, even more so. No stranger to Buffalo, he was born and raised in the Willert Park Projects in a single parent household; a graduate of Lafayette  High School and the University at Buffalo, Bernie went on to excel in every  career choice from  social worker to FBI Agent in Charge to NBA Senior VP of Security.

His decision to run for mayor of Buffalo was genuine and heartfelt. He wants to make  Buffalo a better  place to live for everyone. And he has the knowledge, the vision, determination, and management skills to make it happen.

After  two terms of being hoodwinked, bamboozled and neglected by  the current two-term mayor, Bernard Tolbert represents the change we have been waiting for.

His platform on  education, crime and safety, neighborhoods, economic development and job opportunity is encouraging, and a signal that  he is aware of important quality of life issues effecting all of us.

We believe  Mr. Tolbert  when  he says that he will  work to ensure that minority and women owned business get their fair share of all City of Buffalo construction and purchasing contracts. We believe that he will  focus on economic development and loans for new businesses unlike the current administration which has, for the most part, blocked or hurt business development.

We have faith that jobs – another of Mr. Tolbert’s key quality of life  concerns– will  be earnestly addressed; and that M/WBE laws will be enforced under a Bernard Talbort administration.

We believe Bernard Tolbert  will be realistic and honest about crime in this city. As a former social worker and FBI agent, he has a more balanced take on the issue and will fight it effectively.

We are impressed with his sense of fairness and integrity. Mr. Tolbert will be the best example of a  mayor we can all be proud of and a true role model; not just because he’s a Black man in that position who wears nice suits, but because he will be effective and  accountable.

I am amazed at how the incumbent can come into this community every election season  and ask for our votes, because he  has not delivered to his core constituents – and its been eight years. Where is the city initiated economic growth along Jefferson Avenue, or anywhere else in the Black community for that matter? Where is the economic development  and loans for small businesses?  Meanwhile, he is  cutting ribbons everywhere but in this community.

We are not impressed by Mr. Brown’s claims of progress – most of which are questionable and/or  twisted truths., as Mr. Tolbert and the Republican candidate have so effectively  brought out during the debates. Indeed, We have a man who tells us we are safe when we are not; that there is progress all around, but not around “us.” We have a person who gets on TV, looks dead into the camera with a straight face and tells us about all the jobs there are in this city…tell that to the brothers holding down the corners day after day.

It’s time for a change. No more wasted votes, please. We have nothing to lose. Only to gain!

If you are unhappy with the current administration  and the lack of progress in your community make your vote count.

Join us in voting for  Bernard Tolbert  on  Tuesday, September 10, Primary Election day! He is without question, “A Better Choice” for Mayor!




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